Club Dances

Bee Sharps club dances are held on the 2nd and 4th Friday evenings from 7:30 pm until 10:30 pm eastern time.

NOTE: Dances with PL indicate plus level dancing. Dances with MS/PL indicate alternating mainstream and plus. The Sweethearts' Ball - PL/A2 - is alternating plus and advanced.

Bee Sharps 2017-2018
Dance Schedule

Printable Dance Schedule with Map (pdf)       
Date Caller Cuer Format Theme Location
9/08/17 Dennis Reardon Steve Bradt MS/2RD/A2 Tip Vacation T-Shirts Bound Brook UMC
9/22/17 Mark Franks Ron Rumble PL/2RD/A2 Tip Goodbye to Summer Bound Brook UMC
10/13/17 Joe Landi Mary Pickett PL/2RD/A2 Tip Apple Fest Bound Brook UMC
10/27/17 Ed Foote Ron Rumble PL/2RD/A2 Tip Halloween Bound Brook UMC
11/10/17 Scot Byars Erin Byars PL/2RD/A2 Tip Veterans Day Bound Brook UMC
12/8/17 TBD Steve Bradt PL/2RD/A2 Tip Holiday Toy Drive Bound Brook UMC
12/22/17 Howard Richman No Rounds MS/PL Happy Holidays Bound Brook UMC
1/12/18 Dane Bragg Ron Rumble PL/2RD/A2 Tip Sixties Celebration Bound Brook UMC
1/26/18 Betsy Gotta Roy Gotta PL/2RD/A2 Tip Doo Wop Night Bound Brook UMC
2/9/18 Mark Franks Mary Pickett PL/A2/2RD Sweethearts' Ball Bound Brook UMC
2/23/18 TBD Steve Bradt PL/2RD/A2 Tip Presidents & Pies Bound Brook UMC
3/9/18 Howard Richman Ron Rumble PL/2RD/A2 Tip Wearin' of the Green Bound Brook UMC
3/23/18 Virgil Forbes Mary Pickett PL/2RD/A2 Tip Death By Chocolate Bound Brook UMC
4/13/18 Howard Richman Steve Bradt PL/2RD/A2 Tip  Good Luck Dance  Bound Brook UMC
4/27/18 Mark Franks Ron Rumble PL/2RD/A2 Tip Dancing in Denim Bound Brook UMC
5/11/18 Rick Gittelman Mary Pickett MS/PL/2RD/A2 Tip Hawaiian Shirt Night Bound Brook UMC
5/25/18 Betsy Gotta Roy Gotta MS/RD Ice Cream Social Bound Brook UMC

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Dance Locations

Map to Bound Brook United Methodist Church
100 West Union Avenue, Bound Brook, NJ 08805
Latitude:N 400 34' 2.0795"
Longitude:W 740 32' 19.1554"

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