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Live Lively - Square Dance

Square Dance Lessons

BEGINNING SQUARE DANCE CLASSES STARTING September 25, 2017, Free Open House September 18, 2017.

Would you like to find out what Modern Western Square Dancing is all about?

Join us for a Free Open House on September 18, 2017 to try out Modern Western Square Dancing. Bring your friends and make it an evening. Dancing starts at 8:00 and goes to 9:30. No square dance experience is necessary and a partner is not required although helpful. Dress is casual and refreshments will be served. For a flyer click here . The dance will be held at Adamsville School in Bridgewater see map below.

Then make plans to join the Fall class starting September 25, 2017 which will teach beginning square dance calls. What could be more fun than evenings of dancing in a fun social atmosphere. After you have taken the class there will be opportunities to dance with other groups in New Jersey and beyond and extend your knowledge of square dancing. The class will be taught at the Adamsville School in Bridgewater at 400 Union Ave. (Rt. 28). A partner would be helplful but is not required. Comfortable clothes are suggested and please wear soft soled shoes. No previous square dance experience is necessary and all dances will be taught. Hearing assistance is available if needed. Classes will normally be from 7:00 to 8:15pm but on the first night, September 25, they will start at 8:15pm. The cost is $5/person/class. If you would like further details send email to caller Gardner Patton at .

For more information and further directions, print our Flyer for Fall 2017.

Mainstream Program Completion Class Starting September 25, 2017

If you have had a square dance class and learned the 50 calls in the CALLERLAB Condensed Teaching Order, and would like to learn the remaining 18 calls in the CALLERLAB Mainstream Program join our class starting September 25, 2017. You can also join the class if you have been through a Mainstsream Program class and would like further experience with the calls in a class room setting. The class will be at Adamsville school in Bridgewater, 8:15 to 9:30pm.(see map) Dress is casual and cost is $5/person/lesson. Dancers may also participate in the earlier Mainstream lessons at no cost.

For more information and further directions, a flyer with details for both Beginning class and the beyond the Condensed Teaching Order class is found here

Note: the dance locations are convenient to surrounding communities of Somerville (08876), Manville(08835), Bound Brook(08805), Hillsborough(08844), Martinsville(08836), Warren(07059), Whitehouse Station(08889), North Branch(08876), Pluckemin(07978), Bedminster(07921), Piscataway(08854), and Dunellen(08812).


  • Do I need a partner?
    No, but having a partner is very helpful. Why not ask a friend?
  • Is it strenuous?
    A typical dance is two hours and you may average three to 5 miles of walking while exercising your mind and having FUN.
  • Do I need to dress up?
    Attire at these dances will be casual, just be sure to wear soft-soled shoes.
  • Isn't square dancing kind of "square"?
    Are you thinking square dancing is what you did in grade school, something easy which you memorized and which became boring? Things have changed. Not only do modern square dance callers change the figures you dance, they also use a wide variety of music.
  • Do you think I can do this?
    If you can walk to music you can learn to square dance. To see the action you can visit
  • If I learn to square dance where can I dance?
    After you learn the Mainstream Program of calls you will be able to dance at many locations in Northern New Jersey and around the world.
  • Will I meet new people?
    Square dancing is a "team sport" done in ever changing groups of 8 people. Undoubtedly you will meet new friends.
  • Would you like to brush up on your round dance skills? Come to our ROUND DANCE LESSONS on Thursday evenings starting in October 2017. If you have had basic instruction in Two Step, Waltz, Swing, Rumba and Cha you are welcome to attend. Dances start at 7:30pm and run to 9:30. The dances are at the Milltown School in Bridgewater, half a block north of Route 22 at 611 Milltown Road. Admission is $6.00 per person. Roy Gotta is the instructor. For more information call Roy at 732-249-2086.

     Bee Sharps Class and Angels, June 2017
    Bee Sharps Class and Angels 2017

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    Class Locations

    Plus Square Dance Workshop and Basic Lessons   Map to Round Dance Lessons
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